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Where To Buy 50s Dresses

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Threeseasons Women Vintage Dresses 1950s Floral Cap Sleeve Party Dress
Threeseasons Women Vintage Dresses 1950s Floral Cap Sleeve Party Dress by Threeseasons

  • Item Material: Cotton;Wide Flared Skirt Section
  • Item Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Size:S M L XL

Threeseasons Women Vintage Dresses Blue Polka Dots 50s Rockabilly Wiggle Party Dress
Threeseasons Women Vintage Dresses Blue Polka Dots 50s Rockabilly Wiggle Party Dress by Threeseasons

  • Item Main Color: Light Blue (As pictures show)
  • Suitable for Casual and Formal
  • Item Material: Cotton

Heroecol 50s Hepburn Style Vintage Dots Swing Dress
Heroecol 50s Hepburn Style Vintage Dots Swing Dress by Heroecol

  • This swing dress has a really 360 full skirt .Elaborate Heroecol...
  • High quality customer service, rapid response to customer service...
  • Designed by Heroecol!

Ixia Women's Polka Dot A-Line Pinup Dress
Ixia Women's Polka Dot A-Line Pinup Dress by Ixia

  • Fits true to size. Dress length is short. Fabric does provide...
  • Made in the USA.
  • This adorable retro-inspired dress is pin-up perfect! Halter strap...

Lindy Bop Vintage 50's Audrey Hepburn Style Swing Party Rockabilly Evening Dress
Lindy Bop Vintage 50's Audrey Hepburn Style Swing Party Rockabilly Evening Dress by Lindy Bop


Salvatore Exte Men's 2 Button Separate Suit Jacket Separate Dress Pants
Salvatore Exte Men's 2 Button Separate Suit Jacket Separate Dress Pants by Salvatore Exte

  • Suit Separates Jacket, 2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent Jacket
  • Jacket and pants are listed separately. If you need as a suit set...
  • Man made fabric T/R. Imported

50s Strapless Satin Long Bridesmaid Prom Dress Formal Junior Plus Size
50s Strapless Satin Long Bridesmaid Prom Dress Formal Junior Plus Size by PacificPlex

  • Please refer to the PacificPlex Junior Formal Size Chart for this item
  • Great for holiday, prom, bridesmaid, homecoming, evening gown or...

Mania: Dresses 40s & 50s style!

Hey guys! Here's some considerable dresses that are in Target right now. Be sure to check out the website stopstaringclothing.com for real 40s and 50s knockoffs! Al...

Best Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial

Conair curling iron tolerant of in this video: http://amzn.to/1ahabGu Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LillianMasie Instagram: lillianmasie Tumblr: http://lillianmas...

  • Where can I buy 50's genre dresses?

    I desire to find dresses like Chuck wears on Pushing Daisies.

    Hi Alexalex...! Try buying 50s genre dresses on Amazon....

  • Where can i buy 50s elegance dresses and saddle shoes?

    Except for a retro workshop, or a favorite aunt who wore this and has it hanging in her attic and is willing to part with what you want, you probably will have a hard time finding what you're looking for. You might try one of the auction sites ... or genus this into a web search...

  • Kristen

    Where can I buy 50s shape vintage dresses?

    I am in point of fact into fifties style casual day dresses. I was wondering if anyone knows of any stores (if not a chain, than in the Boston area) that...

Joseph Altuzarra: seersucker to free spring gowns - Journal Review

The finale's gold chiffon, along with two other lax gowns in red and pink prints, were Altuzarra's 21st-century response to the constraints of 18-century clothing for women.

Though he had some see-through moments that wouldn't exertion for most, the spring collection Saturday night seemed intended to make a woman's life just a tad easier.

"I really believe about clothes that women want to wear," he said in a backstage interview after the show. "I think that's what's really interesting for me."

The finales, with deep V-necks and treasure embroidery, were re-imaginings intended for all body types.

"They were inspired by these 18th-century very restricting crinoline dresses, but what would happen if you sort of took out all of the underpinnings and you had this perfect deflated shape. I think it was a metaphor for this narrative of going from very constricted to freed."

As for Polanski's classic starring a immature Mia Farrow and Kubrick's Lyndon, Altuzarra saw stories "about femininity that are, ultimately, doomed."

"It's this idea of naivete and almost a saccharine sweetness that is also thoroughly perverse," he said.

But not so perverse for the marketplace he's climbing deeper into, in such things as a tunic dress in suede the color of cognac, or another in banker stripes.

Clouded outfits came in chiffon halter tops with pearl embroidery, worn with a wool tuxedo vest and pants. He old Moroccan Berberes blanket stripes in black and white in a dress and a coat, and he put a black Lycra swimsuit under one of several grommeted leather pieces inspired by New birth lattice architecture.

But back to Farrow and "Rosemary's Baby," where Altuzarra began this journey. He first saw the film as a teenager.

"I was terrified," but he always remembered the clothes. "I retain everything being really pastely and yellow. I remember how girly she was."

As for Lyndon, he watched the period drama first out in 1975 only this year on a uniform and was impressed by the technology needed for the late filmmaker to take on entire scenes shot entirely by candlelight.

"I think I loved how nostalgic it was, but also how visionary it was in a very ill-fated way," Altuzarra said.

After his recent collection for Target out just this month, the 31-year-old Altuzarra said he plans to target on his brand. In June, he was named womenswear designer of the year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, beating out the more established Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang for the top honor.

But can he fall upon seersucker cool for clothes-buying grown-ups?

"Brigitte Bardot wore it in the '50s and she was all woman," he laughed, "so I think women today can do it."


Discharge Leanne Italie on Twitter at http://twitter.com/litalie

Source: www.journalreview.com

'The Alike' Review: A Fun Rock 'N' Roll Tale About Faith and Purpose - Christian Post


"The Interchangeable"
Rated PG (Adult themes, Smoking)

Running Time: 106 minutes
Opens: Friday, September 5
Blake Rayne, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd.
Directed by Dustin Marcellino.

In existence, we are often faced with complex decisions which can directly impact our fate and destiny, and in "The Identical," we learn just how significant this impact can be.

Dustin Marcellino's melodious drama, which hits theaters across the U.S., Friday, Sept. 5, takes us through the bittersweet life journey of Nashville, Tennessee, neighbourhood Ryan Wade, played by real life former Elvis Presley impersonator, Blake Rayne.

He makes his acting debut in this redemptive tor 'n' roll tale which spans from the 1930s through to the 1970s.

The tall, dark and handsome pastor's son, who at times resembles Presley, is cardinal introduced as a baby born into a two-parent household during the great depression.

As much as they adore their newborn twin sons, William and Helen Hemsley (played by "The Cut to the quick Locker" star Brian Geraghty and Canadian actress Amanda Crew), reluctantly agree to give up one (Ryan) because they simply cannot circumspection for two babies. Their sad predicament, though unthinkable, quickly sparks interest.

Ryan is then adopted by a local pastor and his wife, Reece and Louise Run off at the mouth ("Goodfellas" star Ray Liotta and acclaimed actress Ashley Judd), because the Hemsleys, a young couple struggling to make ends into, believe the Wades can give their son a better life.

Their heartbreaking dilemma, which tugs at the heartstrings early on in the film, overlaps a separate brouhaha in which the intense Pastor Wade (Liotta delivers nicely) is giving a passionate sermon. While preaching, he declares "it is better to give than to receive."

This biblical extract is taken from scripture Acts 20:35.

As Ryan is separated from his ill-fated twin brother Drexel (Rayne plays a dual r but portrays Ryan with greater conviction), feelings of relief, gratitude, loss and regret emanate and ultimately set the tone for the rest of the family-friendly film.

The setting shifts to a 1950s backdrop. Karl Walter Lindenlaub is to be commended for the remarkable cinematography.

Eyebrows are raised and bat is questioned as Ryan's protective mother Louise eagerly prolongs a well-kept family secret, despite witnessing her frustrated son inadvertently conflict his own instinct as a result.

Judd's stunning wardrobe, which includes flared dresses and vintage hats with gloves, appropriately assists in her effective performance as a pastor's wife, thanks to costume designer Karyn Wagner. At times, however, her consistently youthful appearance raises questions.

The interdict and white television, dull décor and civil rights elements are glaring reminders that the film (for the most part) takes grade during the 50s and 60s and the spirited rock and roll is enough to make one want to stay in that era.

Despite his pastor father's request that he pursue a career in elders of the church, Ryan insists on following his dreams of making music because as he tells his mother "It's the only call I hear." At this point one cannot help but cheer on the gutsy nonconformist.

Marcellino tells a simple yet plausible story about the role of identity and finding purpose.

Though at times...

Source: www.christianpost.com

Slotek: Joan Rivers always felt she had something to establish - Niagara Falls Review

But the woman who defied convention by becoming a comic in the first place, garnered enemies as well as admirers. Not that that ever seemed to irritate her.

In fact, her ability to offend seemed to fuel her. It was at the heart of her years working the red carpet at major award shows, and hosting Mode Police on E! with her daughter Melissa. To watch Joan Rivers at work was to witness truth-to-power in its ballsiest, often malapropos and most uninhibited form.

And as the acclaimed 2010 documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work showed, she remained a working funny because she had to. She had a standard of living to maintain, bills to pay, and – entering her ninth decade – a point she felt she still had to prove.

Born Joan Molinsky in Brooklyn, N.Y., Rivers was not in any degree forced to take the difficult path. She graduated in the ‘50s with a BA in literature and anthropology, and given the era, might have married well and created few waves.

As opposed to, she became an actress, and – most scandalously – a stand-up comic working famed clubs like The Bitter End and the Gaslight. Thoroughly force of will, she caught on, debuting on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1965, and contributing gag writing to whoever would pay – from Candid Camera to the Ed Sullivan cat's-paw mouse act Topo Gigio.

As quickly as she became well-known, “she never felt part of the club,” says Yuk Yuk’s boss Pock-mark Breslin, who was comedy producer on the infamous ‘80s Joan Rivers talk show that ended her decades-long friendship with Johnny Carson.

“And if you have any touchiness towards feminism, she was a woman in a boys game. This was all before Tina Fey. We take so much for granted now.

“There was her, Totie Fields and Phyllis Diller. And Joan was the only one of the three that wasn’t a rarity. Especially in those days, pre-plastic surgery, she portrayed kind of a hip, surburban housewife.”

Though she never got many opportunities to star on her own, Rivers soared at the end of one's tether with the ‘70s as everyone’s favourite guest, reaching her peak when she was Carson’s permanent fill-in host (prior to what he felt was her unspeakable disloyalty).

Breslin agrees that the industry never treated her with respect, not least of all when she hosted her Fox talk show.

“She felt network television not at all respected her, and that part is true. But as far as being a legend, if she walked into any room anywhere in the English speaking world everything would stop.”

Unreasonableness was at the center of her need to work, Breslin says. “Take ‘had to work’ with a grain of salt. Joan lives such an unbelievably high-priced lifestyle that yes, she has to work. But I went shopping with her one day in LA and she dropped a couple of hundred thousand dollars on dresses.”

“To some degree, all stars invent their own portrayal. And Joan was an outsider in a sense. “But when I first met her, it was in a huge stone mansion in Bel Air. And she actually said, ‘Oh Mark, I don’t know where my next dollar’s coming from. I’m such an outlander.’ She says this as she’s being served by a livery servant.”

Breslin compared his part in the most notorious episode of Rivers’ life to the flick picture show My Favorite Year. “It definitely was my favourite year,” he says.

“This woman is the toughest woman I know. Remember her husband (Edgar, who would later guarantee suicide), was the executive producer of the show, he was fired halfway through and she...

Source: www.niagarafallsreview.ca

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shirtdress daydress 50sdress ggiottahuzzahvintageetsyvintage

old-fogyish 1950s DORIS Shirtdress
at one's fingertips via seller ggiotta on etsy.com (Please see my Flickr profile for a direct link!)
Photo by Huzzah Vintage on Flickr

shirtdress daydress 50sdress ggiottahuzzahvintageetsyvintage

old-fogeyish 1950s DORIS Shirtdress
on tap via seller ggiotta on etsy.com (Please see my Flickr profile for a direct link!)
Photo by Huzzah Vintage on Flickr

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